Harvesting Low Lying Fruit - Enhancing Pulverizer and Unit Performance.pdf 654.8KB
LP21 paper on Killen low load operation without oil - 2013.pdf 761.3KB

CFD Modeling to Achieve Lower Emissions

Use of CFD Modeling to Guide Design and Implementation of OFA for NOx Control in Coal-Fired Boilers.pdf 242.8KB
CFD Modeling for Design of NOx Control Systems in Two Utility Boilers.pdf 870.9KB
CFD-Based Combustion Modifications in China Achieve Significant NOx Reductions in Utility PC Boilers.pdf 3.5MB

Low NOx Burners

WHI_Balancing_Low_NOx_Burner_Airflows.pdf 1.4MB
Alternative Solutions for Reducing NOx Emissions from Cell Burner Boilers.pdf 35.1MB